The Freshwater Fishes of Mexico

MATCH THE ID: Match the picture with the species identification.

Welcome to the Freshwater Fishes of Mexico match the ID game

How well do you know mexican freshwater fish? Well, find it out! This educational and challenging game for Freshwater Fishes of Mexico members will present you with a picture of a fish for you to identify and provide its correct name. Once you are presented with a picture, you have 30 seconds to identify it and select the correct answer. If you do, you will increase your score by one. If you don't, worry not, it may not be that easy in many cases. You may request as many pictures as you want, your results will be presented in the ranks table.

Once in a while, you may be presented with pictures impossible to identify, like a pharyngeal bone, eggs, or nest of certain fish species. Well bad luck! We will be excluding those pictures as soon as we can detect them in the game.

You need to be logged on to request your pictures. Ready to play? Press the play button!

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